"Do-it-yourself" divorce could "DO-YOU-IN!"

Why should you hire an attorney to draft your divorce paperwork rather than "doing-it-yourself"?

Filling out your own divorce forms has the potential to harm you.  Many people who purchase "do-it-yourself" divorce forms from the internet or get them from friends don't see the potential for harm.  These forms have "blanks" and you are required to fill them in yourself.  Without legal knowledge and experience in divorce and family law knowing what should be included or shouldn't be included in the "blanks" can come back to harm you.

These "do-it-yourself" forms do not provide explanations or enough space to cover everything that should be in them to accomplish the intended result or sufficiently protect both parties from future related problems.  Attorneys with knowledge and experience provide more detail and safeguards than "do-it-yourself" forms.  

The initial cost of "do-it-yourself" forms may be cheap but you may be out more money in the future to fix a problem you did not address when you filled out these forms.  An attorney with knowledge and experience in divorce and family law will draft documents that are designed to obtain your intended result and look to the future thereby avoiding further litigation and expense.  A person without knowledge and experience would not know the wording necessary to obtain their intended result nor how to address potential problems in the future.

Navigating the court system for someone who never has can be frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming.  An attorney with knowledge and experience in divorce and family law does this on a regular basis and knows all the forms required by the court and the necessary provisions required to be included to meet the requirements of the law and the court.

Parties who are in agreement to a divorce need to think twice before they purchase "do-it-yourself" divorce forms. 

The Law Office of Robert F. Smith offers uncontested divorces for as low as $300 plus costs depending upon the complexity.  Usually, no assets, no children uncontested divorces meet the $300 fee.  Phone us today @ 256-764-2889 to get your quote.  We will ask you several questions to determine the fee.  Costs are in addition to the attorney fee.

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